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The Story behind the FishFishetarian Fish Market Bodega Bay

Shane Lucas started Fishetarian out of a passion for fishing.  An avid fisherman for over 30 years, he is hopelessly addicted to the sport!

Fish & Chips Bodega Bay

His parents Jim and Peggy Lucas purchased the Lucas Wharf fish dock in 1973 and opened the Lucas Wharf restaurant 25 + years ago. For many years, Shane’s Dad, Uncle and Grandfather ran the vessel “The Silver Seas” which trawled for ground fish and pink shrimp off the California North Coast. Shane’s parents taught him everything they know about fishing, the seafood business, and about serving quality, delicious food.  

Great Food Bodega Bay

The name of our fish market came about because Shane’s wife Dana, a vegetarian since she was in her teens, naturally became a “Fishetarian” when she married Shane. Together they share a belief in sustainable fishing and farming practices. Additionally, they use organically grown products whenever possible and 100% compostable, earth-friendly greenware in the market!  1

Shane is also in the wholesale fish business and has sold fish for over 20years. He can definitely be called a Seafood Expert! Or you can just call him a “Fish Monger.” Either way, only the finest fish makes it into the case at the new Fishetarian Fish Market in Bodega Bay, CA.

Shane hand selects the daily catch each day, so come on out
and pick some up to share with your friends and family!

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